Nctv is an online television network and communication brand.

Another sub-division of the lefikamedia publications.

And an initiative work of mr Simon modikeng lekau,the northern cape province is one kind of a province that is bigger than all of them all in south Africa. 

And we are the world renown in diamonds minerals  and cultivation. 

To this day this province in its major capacity has never seen its own television network that deals with its own coverage and give the world what is is made of.

Nctv will be our main establishment and cable network on the internet and introduce a new wave of how to do media networking sites in order to portray the nature and beauty of this province. 

The northern cape province is a diverse and multicultural province with a unique intercultural heritage stability of out skirt nation.

Nctv will be the first one of its kind this province has ever seen,a networking that publishes everything about its beautiful landscapes and nation to the rest of the world. 

Our goal is to set up a new contract that will make sure northern cape province gain its own dignity and shares with the rest of the world how its beautiful landscapes have to offer and what this nation have lost over the years under instability around the fact that good leadership have gavin into her.

Our team will work all the time to cocer up everything that is to rebuild this province. 

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